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Angelica Russu

Bedrijfsleidster Capelle
Angelica Russu
Bedrijfsleidster Capelle
Typical Angelica
Gepassioneerd, aanwezig, doelgericht
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Favorite piece of jewelry
De ring van R&C bicolor met 1x briljant staat....
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Angelica at Brunott Angelica knows better than anyone that jewelery is linked to memories and emotion. She therefore believes that all milestones in life should be crowned with a jewel. And whether that milestone is big or small, her experience and advice always ensures that you find the piece of jewelry that suits you perfectly!

On wheels With wheels on her feet, Angelica is completely in her element. She likes to skate long, far and hard. Yet her love for sports extends beyond that; tennis, skiing and running makes her almost as happy. Except when the weather is really bad; then she trades the outdoors for her private gym at home.

Out of sight, out of mind Angelica is a real family person! Her sister and son are everything to her; without them she feels incomplete. And although her greatest support lives all the way in Romania, the two sisters are in daily contact via Facetime.

Remembrance Ring On Angelica's finger is a beautiful jewel with ditto meaning. After the death of her mother, she decided to exchange almost all heirlooms for a ring that symbolizes the mother-daughter bond: a two-tone ring with a diamond set in gold. The laps of the ring represent her mother's hands, the diamond represents Angelica. Very nice.

Swinging and tuning Angelica likes to listen to music. Depending on her mood, swinging Latino tunes or theatrical opera pieces can be heard from her speakers. Her favorite artists? These are undoubtedly Thalia, André Hazes jr and the Toppers.

Color(less) If someone had to describe Angelica, the phrase 'colorful appearance' will most likely come up: you can draw her in a colorful outfit. She prefers to wear dresses with bows, in all the colors of the rainbow. And that while her favorite 'colour' is ultimately white.