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collected. This Black Friday week, charities are announcing.


From a motivational employee gift to a gold watch for a loyal employee, expressing business appreciation has never been easier.

The Brunott-B2B Concept offers countless possibilities to surprise, thank and motivate employees or customers in a special way.

Brunott Company Outing
Good staff - we'd all like some more of them. Take your valuable staff members to Brunott for an evening and let them pick out a nice present. A unique sign of appreciation. Well supplied with snacks and drinks, we take care of the guidance in the choice. Thanks to our unique purchase arrangement, you will also benefit from attractive discounts on such an unforgettable evening.

Gold personnel earn a little extra, especially if they have been with you for a long time. Exceed the expectations of celebrating employees with a Brunott jewelry or watch. What's extra nice is that they can come and pick out a gift themselves - for a pre-agreed amount. We arrange the business payment, keep the jewelery or watch separate and wait patiently until it is time for the solemn ceremony and you come to pick up the chosen gift.

Promotional gifts
If you are looking for ideas for a special promotional gift, you can find plenty of inspiration at Brunott. Watches with the company logo engraved, personalized cufflinks or self-designed anniversary pins. This is just a small selection of what Brunott has to offer: the perfect corporate gift.

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