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Christian Bauer

Are you going to get married? Awesome! If you do it, of course you have to do it right. For an unforgettable wedding you definitely need a set of Christian Bauer wedding rings!

Christian Bauer is a German brand that has been manufacturing luxury wedding and engagement rings since 1880. Christian Bauer's wedding and engagement rings are all beautiful and always of the highest quality. And whether it's a gold engagement ring for women or a platinum wedding ring for men, all rings from the German family business are made by hand using a unique production process that you don't see anywhere else. This means that you are assured of unique wedding rings forever!

Unique production process

Thanks to the unique production process, a Christian Bauer wedding or engagement ring is a piece of jewelry that will last a lifetime. Christian Bauer is one of the few wedding ring brands to use a method that increases the hardness of precious metals. While wedding rings and engagement rings from cheap brands are made from a tube of precious metal, Christian Bauer rings are made from a sheet of 14kt gold, 18kt gold or platinum. After rolling, the beginning of a ring is pressed out of the plate with 2000 kilos. This special production process makes the precious metal harder, so that a Christian Bauer wedding ring can be finished at a high level and is always of the highest quality.

Sustainable wedding rings

One thing is certain: a wedding ring or engagement ring from Christian Bauer will provide you with long-lasting pleasure. In addition, the high-quality wedding and engagement rings are made from recycled gold and platinum. And have your eyes fallen on a diamond wedding ring or a diamond engagement ring? Christian Bauer guarantees the use of fair-trade diamonds in the manufacture of all wedding and engagement rings. The production process takes place in the 'State of the Art' workshop where the recovery of energy and reuse of materials have priority and where attention is paid to the planet. In short: in a wedding ring or engagement ring from Christian Bauer you will find all the ingredients for a beautiful, lasting marriage.

Beautiful collection

Top quality durable wedding rings is one thing. Because you always wear the wedding rings, it is also important that the rings are beautiful and fit you perfectly. As the largest wedding ring specialist in Rotterdam, we would like to show you the beautiful collection of Christian Bauer wedding and engagement rings. Our specialists have a lot of experience in helping you choose a ring for a marriage proposal or rings for a wedding. Curious about the extensive collection? Then make an appointment in one of our stores. This way we know for sure that we can provide extensive assistance in selecting wedding rings or an engagement ring.

In collaboration with Aqua Asia Club you will now receive a 4-course dinner including a bottle of wine when you spend at least €1500 on a set of wedding rings!

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