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You can contact us for all possible service. From repairs to your watch or jewelry to valuations of your valuables. Our team of professionals is available seven days a week in our stores and online.

Jewelry repair

In our own workshop, our goldsmith can carry out all conceivable repairs to restore your jewelry in honor

Watch repair

You can contact Brunott for almost all repairs of your watches.

Jewelry maintenance

Jewelry literally and figuratively adds shine to your life. Unfortunately, precious metals and gemstones can become dull over time. Damage and discoloration can also occur. Only if you take good care of your jewelry, the precious shine will remain

Watch maintenance

Prevention is better than cure. With periodic checks, extensive revisions and tips, our watch technicians help give your quartz or mechanical butter clock eternal life.

Do you want to maintain your jewelry at home yourself? then we recommend Hagery maintenance products. Hagerty has been the specialist for jewelry maintenance for many years.


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