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EBEL:Beauty Marys Function

The roots of EBEL are located in the watch country of the world: Switzerland. More than 100 years ago, watch house EBEL was set up there in the town of Jura by the couple Eugène Blum (EB) and (E) Alice Levy (L). Based on the slogan Beauty Maries Function', the watch brand soon belonged to the haute Horlogerie and EBEL even became a watch supplier to the British Royal Air Force during the Second World War. In the meantime, more than a century later, the refined EBEL watches for women and men are still very popular with every lover of watches and jewelry worldwide..

EBEL Women's and Men's Watches

Beauty Maries Function: EBEL has been known for combining beauty and functionality since 1911. Waves, organically designed designs and unparalleled quality are therefore typical of all EBEL watches . Also typical of EBEL is the value that the watch house attaches to sustainability and the use of luxurious materials. This is of course reflected in the beautiful designs, which are also called jewelery watches. The EBEL women's watches and EBEL men's watches include 18 carat yellow gold, rose gold and diamonds. And that's not all! All models are equipped with a powerful Swiss movement, which means that an EBEL watch guarantees extreme accuracy and a long lifespan. If you choose an EBEL watch, you choose a watch for life.

The EBEL Collections: Know your classics!

In the various EBEL watch collections, such as Sport Classic, EBEL Wave, EBEL Brasilia and EBEL Discovery, you will find real must-haves in which beauty and functionality merge. Whatever EBEL watch it is, all watches for women and watches for men exude a minimalist, luxurious elegance. Despite this agreement, the Swiss watch house offers something for everyone. For example, go for a hexagonal watch with sapphire glass from the well-known Sport Classic series, a rectangular ladies watch with link strap from the Brasilia collection or an iconic EBEL Wave watch with round case and wavy links. Which EBEL watch is your favorite?

EBEL trade-in promotion

Watch house EBEL has a rich history: in the more than 100 years of its existence, the innovative brand has developed countless special watches. However, that does not stop the brand from developing new collections and new models within the existing collections. As the owner of an EBEL women's watch or men's watch, you can take advantage of our EBEL trade-in offer at Brunott in Rotterdam. When purchasing a new EBEL watch, we will give you a high discount if you return your old EBEL watch. The trade-in value depends on the price of your new purchase, but is at least €500..

EBEL watches at Brunott

We at Brunott jeweler in Rotterdam are proud dealers of watch house EBEL. You can come to us for a wide range of Swiss ladies watches and men's watches from EBEL. Be surprised by the different collections and order your favorite EBEL watch for women or watch for men today in our stores or in our webshop!