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Watch Maintenance

Tebbie done now? No worries. Brunott offers a wide range of repair and repair services. Our skilled watchmakers and goldsmiths excel in repairing watches and jewelry. Also for brands of which we are not an official dealer.

Watches are complex precision instruments that sometimes have a hard time. They function day in and day out, and are exposed to moisture, temperature fluctuations, knocks and dust during wear. Add to that the fact that a mechanical timepiece quickly consists of more than a hundred parts, and you immediately understand that periodic service is not a superfluous luxury. Brunott advises: Let what goes well. But if your watch is ahead or behind - or if you really want to take good care of your watch - we are happy to take care of maintenance. Or we send the watch to the factory, but always in consultation and only if this is more advantageous for you.

What you spend on the maintenance of your watch depends on the brand, the age of the watch and the nature and complexity of the maintenance. After handing in your watch, we will make a quote that matches the brand (starting at €65,- €90,- or €300,- euros). In addition, you have to take into account research costs (€35 or €90, depending on the brand).

The average turnaround time for repairs in our workshop is 2 weeks for a minor repair and 6 to 12 weeks for a major repair.
To ensure that we deliver your watch in top condition, our watchmakers carry out an extensive series of checks and actions:

 Mechanical watches

1. Technical analysis
We start with an extensive analysis of your watch. We check the case, the watch strap, the clasp and – of course – the timepiece for any defects.

2. Dismantling the cabinet
The case is opened and disassembled (the crown and pin) to check the operation of the winding mechanism and the calendar function.

3. Disassembly of the entire watch
We disassemble the complete timepiece from your watch with the utmost care. (A precision job, because it can easily consist of hundreds of parts.) The hands and the dial are also removed.

4. Cleaning the watch
All parts of the timepiece are cleaned with a suitable liquid in a special cleaning bath.

5. Check and Replace
All clean parts are individually checked for wear that can damage the timepiece. Any parts will be replaced by us.

6. Mount and Lubricate
We assemble all parts and then lubricate them. For this we use special oils (of different viscosities).

7. Checking the watch
Assembled, checked and lubricated, the timepiece will be checked. Our watchmaker uses an electronic device that is able to reveal any deviations and errors in the timepiece.

8. Adjust
We re-adjust the balance spring, for a perfect adjustment of the timepiece.

9. Perfecting the watch case
To make your watch look like new again, we clean it in an ultrasonic bath. Finally, we polish the cabinet (as desired and at an additional cost).

Quartz horloges
A Quartz watch requires little maintenance on the timepiece itself. Nevertheless, there are a number of maintenance issues that are important for the lifespan of a Quartz watch. The Brunott watchmakers carry out the following checks and operations on Quartz watches:

- Replace battery (on time).
Quartz watches run on a battery that lasts on average one and a half to two years. If it is empty, it is important that it is replaced as soon as possible to prevent leaks and damage to the electronics.

It is wise to leave the battery replacement to our watchmakers. In addition to having the dexterity to place the battery correctly, we have knowledge about opening and closing watch cases. Because only then will dust or moisture particles not have a chance to damage your watch.

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