Leoniek Schreuring - Brunott Juwelier

Leonie Schreuring

Leonie Schreuring
Typical Leonie
Zorgzaam, creatief, gestructureerd
Favorite brands
Grand Seiko, Monzario, One More
Favorite piece of jewelry
One More Salina Oorstekers
Favorite watch
Grand Seiko SBGR251G Heritage
Lists, lists, lists Life without to-do lists is unimaginable for Leoniek. Whether it concerns daily shopping, work at Brunott or chores at home; listing and ticking off makes this orderly lady super productive.

Primal mother More than the smile of son Kyan is not necessary to melt Leoniek's heart. Quality time with her little man is therefore the order of the day. And while not always possible, she prefers not to watch over him for a moment.

The Big Five Leoniek is a true Africaholic: her love for the continent, the people and the wild animals is deeply rooted. Armed with binoculars and a camera, she has been allowed to roam the African savannah several times. As a tourist, but also as a volunteer in a special aid program for cheetahs.

Pendant There is a good chance that you will find Leoniek with a special necklace around her neck. Brunott gave her a kyanite pendant for her birthday; a beautiful gemstone that subtly refers to the name of her son. Can you find her without kyanite? Then she wears the jewel that symbolizes his birth.

Butter, sugar and eggs As a baking talent, Leoniek seizes every opportunity to bake cake. Airy sponge cake with strawberry buttercream is her signature recipe. By the way, parcels and bags are not allowed; bakes and builds her spectacular 3D cakes from scratch!