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jewelry repair

Jewelry literally and figuratively adds luster to your life. Unfortunately, precious metals and gemstones can become dull over time. Damage and discoloration can also occur. Only if you take good care of your jewelry, the precious shine remains

Don't talk, but clean. Brunott gladly helps you repair your jewelry

Jewelry repairs

At Brunott we love to talk about jewelry, but if you haven't asked we won't break your jaws. Nor will we touch your jewelry. Unless there are defects, of course.

In our own workshop our goldsmith can carry out all imaginable repairs to restore your jewelry to its former glory. Simple repairs, such as soldering a break, adjusting a ring size or tying a string of pearls. But of course also more complex repairs, such as putting a new bridge in an alliance ring or turning 'old' gold into a beautiful new piece of jewelry.

Our professional repairs and crafts include:

  • Adjusting ring size

  • Shortening bracelet or necklace

  • Setting stones (brilliant or zirconia)

  • Polishing

  • Soldering

  • Engraving

  • Designs

  • Rebuilding or customizing

If you want to maintain your jewelry at home yourself, we recommend Hagery's maintenance products. Hagerty has been the jewelry maintenance specialist for years.