Anneke Beusenberg

Anneke Beusenberg

Administratie & Aftersales
Anneke Beusenberg
Administration & Aftersales
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Positive, accurate, solution-oriented
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Anneke at Brunott Repairs of customers, orders from suppliers and returns: Anneke keeps them all on the right track. She also has the answer to questions about your (online) order, and you can even contact her for a pleasant telephone conversation. In short: Anneke is indispensable!

Support (stocking) and rock From putting on support stockings to calming down during an outburst of anger: Anneke's caring and listening ear quickly make life a lot more pleasant. In this way she is the stable factor in the lives of many - loved ones and colleagues can count on her at all times!

Cooking Queen Where she never had an affinity with cooking, an Indonesian cooking course changed that forever. Meanwhile, Anneke has quite a taste for it and she cooks the stars from heaven. Do not expect Dutch fare; French, Spanish, and Italian cuisines are favorites. Her signature recipe? That is a richly felt fish soup with tomato, bell pepper, salmon, fruits de mer, chorizo and lots of garlic.

Football woman Anneke is a football fan in heart and soul. In particular, she admires 'her' club Feyenoord. Yet her love for the game extends far beyond De Kuip; she is also very enthusiastic about English or Spanish football. Watching a match in peace is not an option with this fanatic - the emotions that are released with her can be quite intense every now and then.

Benidorm Bastard Although she is not thinking about it for the time being, there will come a time when she will reach retirement age. When the time comes, Anneke hopes for a one-way ticket to the Costa Blanca. She can already see it for herself: retiring together with her husband in the Spanish sun.

Evening ritual Anneke has an evening ritual that she values - especially after a hard day's work. With a bit of luck, her husband has already opened the bottle of rosé when she gets home, and she can immediately plop on the couch for a knowledge quiz. Then there is extensive cooking, with the result that the food is only on the table around nine o'clock. And to really fully charge her battery, she concludes with an after dinner sleep of a good eight hours.

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