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Niessing: design jewelry of the highest quality

This German jewelry brand has been manufacturing the most beautiful and exclusive jewelry in the workshop in Vreden since 1873. Niessing shows that the combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern technology produces the most beautiful wedding rings and engagement rings. Each ring is pure craftsmanship and exudes quality. The different collections are created with a healthy dose of perfectionism, emotion and a passion for natural shapes. Niessing design wedding rings and engagement rings are the perfect piece of jewelry for self-confident, lively wearers with their own identity. All designed are made of high quality precious metals and pure diamonds. This makes the rings the perfect symbol of eternal love! Propose soon with a beautiful engagement ring from the new collection or find the wedding ring set of your dreams in the range.

Niessing rings for a perfect proposal and happy marriage

Niessing's collections are of the highest quality and are therefore perfect for celebrating love. They are forever! Propose with an engagement ring made of gold diamond, choose an enchanting platinum set of wedding rings for your wedding or celebrate love with a beautiful tension ring with diamonds. Whichever design you choose, all rings are handmade from high-quality materials and have a fair price. Choose eternal love today with this German design jewelry brand.

Discover Niessing's designer jewelry at Brunott

Go for eternal love with a design ring from Niessing! We have included a large collection of Niessing design jewelry in our range especially for the self-confident woman and the newly married couple. Get some wedding inspiration and view the range of engagement rings, wedding rings and design jewelry directly online via our website. Or visit Brunott's shops! For this special purchase, our employees are of course always ready to show you the collection of Niessing jewelry in the center of Rotterdam.