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collected. This Black Friday week, charities are announcing.


Do you have gold or other valuables that you would like to sell? Come visit Brunott! Because whether it is a loose diamond, a set of wedding rings or a solid gold watch; we give you expert advice and a very fair price.

Knowledgeable and honest
Our team includes specialists with years of experience in the field. As a result, we are provided with all the knowledge that is necessary, and we can assess the value of the gold professionally and honestly.

This is how we work
To determine the value of your gold, it is first of all important to know the gold content of the gold. Perhaps the gold has a hallmark. If this is not the case (after all, these can no longer be visible due to wear), we will test the gold content using test waters.

We then weigh the gold on a calibrated scale and we can determine the value of the piece on the basis of the current exchange rate. We will then make you a good offer, after which you can determine whether you want to sell the gold to us. Or not of course.

If you agree with our offer, you will have the money in your account within 3-5 working days. Prefer to be paid in cash? Even then there are possibilities. And of course you can also choose to use the amount to choose a new watch or piece of jewelry in our store. In that case, we will put the amount on a Brunott Gift Card and you will receive an extra 25% of the value as a gift from us!

By appointment only
Because we like to take all the time for the valuation, we only work by appointment. Would you like to see for yourself how we work? In most cases (unless large quantities are involved) we can test, weigh and calculate the metals in front of you.

Determining the value of your objects is a labour-intensive task that requires our attention. That is why we charge €35 for the research. If you decide to sell the valuables to us after the valuation, these costs will of course not be charged.

gold rush?
Thanks to the current, attractive gold price, the value of your object(s) can be high. So now is the time to make an appointment and offer us your 'old' jewellery, watches. See you soon!

make an appointment

You can always go to Brunott to collect your valuables. With good coffee, plenty of time and a good price for your old gold, it is difficult not to succeed with us. Make an appointment quickly and we will make sure that one of our colleagues helps you further.

make an appointment