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Rauschmayer - Brunott Juwelier

Roland Rauschmayer opens a wedding ring workshop in 1963, his love and passion. Everything starts with 3 employees in a production area of 12 m². The emphasis has been on the development and production of high-quality wedding rings from the start.

Typical for the brand is the quality mark and the signet that is incorporated in every Rauschmayer ring: the stylized lucky doves. White pigeons have always had a very special meaning: they stand for peace and well-being, but also for love, happiness and loyalty. When two pigeons have found each other, they usually stay together for the rest of their lives. Rauschmayer wants to keep alive the memory of that sense of belonging. That is why we have provided every wedding ring with two engraved pigeons since 1963. Rauschmayer. Only really with the engraved lucky pigeons.

Traditional craftsmanship, state-of-the-art technology and the courage to forge new paths. This gives Rauschmayer's dream rings their special character.

You can consider every ring ordered from Rauschmayer as custom work, because no models are kept in stock.

Each ring goes through the various processes in its own way. The advice at the jeweler, the order, the manual production in the wedding ring workshop and the breeding with the engraved lucky pigeons.

Each wedding ring is therefore a handmade special edition that is made with great love for details and always focused on the wishes of our customers.

In collaboration with Aqua Asia Club you will now receive a 4-course dinner including a bottle of wine when you spend at least €1500 on a set of wedding rings!

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