Collection: DaqiConcept

DaqiConcept - Brunott Juwelier

Bird-free design

Mixing old ideas with new concepts. Unlimited improvisation, experimentation and adjustment. According to DAQICONCEPT, that is what design is about. Working in this way, as free as a bird, results in something very special..

Atmosphere in every room

The Taiwanese design bureau developed the JINGOO and the CHIRP; two different interior objects where subtle lighting, excellent sound quality and Oriental aesthetics merge. A ceramic bird forms the essence of the eye-catching designs that - each in their own way - create a pleasant atmosphere in every room. Both thanks to the beautiful display and the surprising functions.

Messengers of nature

Relaxed or rested awakening: with light, sound and music, JINGOO and CHIRP meet these important needs. JINGOO captures a Bluetooth speaker and an LED light in a birdcage, the CHIRP is a nice disguise of a light alarm clock that plays nature sounds instead of an intrusive alarm.

interior jewelry

As a recognized point of sale of DAQICONCEPT, you will also find special jewelery for your interior with us. The designs of DAQICONCEPT are available in different versions from Brunott! Each with its own story and color, so there is always a bird that matches you and your interior.