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buddha to buddha

The Buddha way of life; the slogan says it all. Buddha to Buddha is more than just a brand. Buddha to Buddha symbolizes a convincing lifestyle in every handmade piece of jewelry. This is all about celebrating life in all its contradictions. Buddha to Buddha is therefore a wonderful brand to give as a gift when a loved one has achieved something beautiful. The brand now has a huge range where we can also look at beautiful necklaces.

More about Buddha to Buddha necklaces

A necklace can be worn with almost any outfit. Think of it as an item with which you can complete your outfit. A necklace is suitable for every occasion. You can, however, see which necklace is suitable for each occasion. That is why we at Brunott have different collections of Buddha to Buddha necklace that you can choose from. We think it's important that you can wear a necklace for multiple occasions, but that you can also buy a special edition.
Whether you like glamor or simpler designs (that can be worn anywhere), there is something beautiful for everyone! This makes Buddha to Buddha a big favorite with a lot of people. We see that over the years the brand has made more cool, robust designs for both men and women. So, if you want to buy a piece of jewelry together with your partner; then choose Buddha to Buddha! The unisex jewelry can easily be combined and worn by everyone.

The material of the Buddha to Buddha necklace

Like all other jewelry from Buddha to Buddha, the necklace is also made of the best 925 sterling silver. Sometimes these are provided with a silver oxide for an even nicer effect. As you can see, the patterns differ per collection. They are different links and braids that can be combined with each other. This makes each copy unique. You can decide for yourself which design appeals to you the most and why. It is also nice to know how the jewelry is designed. There is also a nice story behind this. The Buddha to Buddha necklace is handmade by artisans in Bali.

Buddha to Buddha necklace collection

Buddha to Buddha is known for the silver color in every collection. Is it your first Buddha to Buddha jewelry? Then we naturally recommend a silver chain. It is the basis of the brand and therefore always the most unique item. Within our range you can find different collections with one necklace in 14 carat yellow gold. This is the necklace Refined Katja. A beautiful gift to give to your wife for her birthday or any other occasion. You can of course also choose to combine different collections.
You can also view the following collections at Brunott when you are looking for a Buddha to Buddha necklace:

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Can't find a certain collection on the website? Please feel free to contact us. We are happy to look at the possibilities and alternatives.

Buddha to Buddha bij Brunott

Do you want to buy Buddha to Buddha necklaces online? Then you've come to the right place at Brunott! Do you order before 4 p.m.? Then you can expect your necklace at home the next working day. Is it not the model that suits you or is it too big or too small? Then you can exchange the jewelry for another item. Is the jewelry a gift? Please indicate this when placing the order. You can choose to have the necklace delivered in a beautiful packaging.