Oris Carl brashear

The Limited Edition Oris Carl Brashear cal. 401 tells us a special story. Oris is proud to present us a new watch, made in collaboration with The Carl Brashear Foundation. Please bring your attention to the beautiful Oris Carl Brashear Cal. 401 Limited Edition!

The Carl Brashear Foundation tells a very inspiring story of discrimination, triumph, adversity and hope. The foundation is based on the life story of the US Navy's first Master Diver with an African-American identity: Carl Brashear.

In 1948 Brashear, who was then 17 years old, enlisted in the United States Navy. Although he faced severe discrimination during his training, Brashear passed the rigorous training with flying colors. Unfortunately, Brashear was killed in an accident during a mission in 1966, losing his leg and requiring lengthy rehab. The fact that he subsequently obtained the Master Diver certificate with one leg, shows once again that Brashear would not let anything or anyone put him down.

Carl Brashear passed away in 2006, but his story lives on. In conjunction with his motto"It’s not a sin to get knocked down, it’s a sin to stay down" –it is still used as an example of faith, strength, courage and decisiveness. Here, applied in a watch that is beautiful in itself.


Last October, Oris set a new standard for the movements of its watches with the Caliber 400 . After this introduction, it was only a matter of time before the brand announced the next 'in-house caliber'. This has become the Caliber 401; a movement that is superior to the Caliber 400 with a distinctive seconds display at 6 o'clock.

The new Oris Carl Brashear Cal. 401 is the very first model equipped with this Caliber 401. Naturally developed according to the three pillars of the new standard: an increased level of anti-magnetism, five days power reserve and a 10-year warranty.

The special story, the beautiful movement and the standards make the Oris Carl Brashear Cal. 401 a value-added watch. And then we haven't even mentioned the aesthetic aspects.


De Oris Carl Brashear Cal. 401 has an ink blue dial and a bronze case; elements that underline the nautical character of the edition. Over time, a unique color combination will develop on the copper elements of the watch, due to copper's natural reaction to moisture and carbon dioxide. The nylon strap with bronze 'hardware' was developed by Erika's Originals® and has special moisture-regulating properties. All in all, an impressive overall picture!


Thanks to our close cooperation with Oris, we have obtained a number of copies. Claim your Oris Carl Brashear Cal. 401 right now or contact us for more information. A unique opportunity to honor Brashear in a dignified way and to support The Carl Brashear Foundation .