October 15, 2020 will go down in history as the day when the Swiss watch brand Oris ‘the new standard’ sets Swiss Made automatic timepieces.

In concrete terms, this 'new standard' means the Caliber 400; a powerful automatic movement with a five-day power reserve, increased level of anti-magnetism and a 10(!) year warranty. Developed in-house, according to good Oris tradition. And it's pretty hard to hide our excitement about this announcement!

As we have come to expect from the brand, the new Caliber 400 - including the new Caliber 400 - combines industrial techniques with fine craftsmanship. For example, the 5-day power reserve is due to the equipment with double barrels, and non-ferrous materials and silicon ensure minimal impact from magnetic fields.

In any case, we cannot wait until the end of October – then it will become clear which Oris-clock is the proud wearer of the Caliber 400.  

It is possible to place a pre-order! take contact contact us for more information.