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Seiko horloges - Brunott Juwelier


Would you like a Seiko watch? Then Brunott is the right place for you. We are the main supplier of this beautiful brand in the Netherlands. So with us you will find the most complete range of Seiko watchesWe can offer you excellent service and warranty, and we have extensive knowledge when it comes to your Seiko watch. We would love to tell you more about Seiko, so please read on!

The look of a Seiko watch

Although Seiko produces all kinds of different watches, for both men and women, there are often a number of recognizable features. For example, a Seiko watch usually has a timeless look. The classic look is never boring but rather modern, stylish and innovative. Compared to Seiko men's watches, women's watches are often more refined. Think a narrower band and smaller dial, but still the familiar Seiko look.

About Seiko

The history of Seiko encompasses a story of over 130 years of innovation. Founder Kintaro Hattori was determined to be at the forefront of developments in the watchmaking world. His oft-cited credo "Always one step ahead of the rest" was the driving force behind a continuous stream of groundbreaking innovations over the years. Innovations that allowed Seiko to establish itself as a global, industry-leading leader in countless time technologies. The brand produced the very first wrist watch, as well as the first pocket watch, the first wall clock and even the first alarm clock! Today - and now for 100 years - Seiko can therefore rightfully call itself an all-round watch manufacturer. Indeed, in addition to innovation, they offer one of the best price-performance ratios in every segment of the watch market.

The five high-quality watch technologies

As the only manufacturer in the world, Seiko is able to make 5 different high-quality watch technologies, including all their necessary components, in-house. These 5 technologies are briefly explained below.


A mechanical watch is one that, as the name suggests, is mechanically driven. This can be done in two ways. The first is by winding the watch by hand. The other possibility is a watch that has a moving part in it that moves back and forth when you walk and swing your wrist from front to back, for example. These small movements are then converted into tension on a spring, charging the watch, so to speak.


The most common method of propulsion regarding watches is the Quartz movement. In this, a battery sends electricity to so-called Quartz crystals in the watch. These then begin to vibrate, and those vibrations drive the hands very precisely because Quartz crystals always vibrate at the same frequency. Seiko developed the very first watch with this technology in 1969 and continues to make them to this day.


As with the Quartz watch, Seiko was the first brand to develop a kinetically driven timepiece. A kinetic timepiece contains a combination of Quartz and mechanical technology. In fact, the watch charges itself by the movements on your wrist, but first stores this extra energy in a battery that drives the movement through Quartz crystals. This gives you a watch that never stops ticking and always runs exactly on time!

Spring Drive

A pinnacle of technological innovation with regard to watches, that is the Seike Spring Drive watch. It contains a combination of mechanical, electromagnetic and electronic drives to indicate time more precisely than ever before. More than 600 prototypes were made over the course of just under 30 years before this product was finally brought to market in its best form.

GPS Solar

Seiko's GPS Solar watches incorporate technology that can display exact time based on GPS signals anywhere in the world. With a single push of a button, the watch resets itself based on your exact location.

The types of Seiko watches in our range

As a main supplier, you can come to us for almost any Seiko watch imaginable. For example, the collections listed below are part of our assortment. We briefly explain below what makes these segments special.

Seiko 5 Sports

The sporty Seiko Sportmatic 5 model from the 1960s stands for reliability, durability and good performance in a timeless design. In the Seiko 5 Sports collections you will find this reflected.

Seiko Astron

The previously discussed GPS watches that are additionally powered by solar energy are included in the Seiko Astron collection.

Seiko Presage

The Seiko Presage collection pays homage to the brand's Japanese roots. It includes beautiful, mechanical watches that combine Japanese beauty with quality and durability.

Seiko Prospex

The Seiko watches from the Prospex collection are for the adventurers, athletes and everyone else who has high demands for their watches. Thanks to an even greater focus on reliability and safety, these watches are suitable for all conditions.

King Seiko

Shop now also the latest addition in Brunott's collection of Seiko watches: King Seiko watches

Buy a Seiko watch at Brunott

Do you have any questions about our Seiko watch collection, or would you like to receive more information from us? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We will help you with pleasure!