Seiko's 'The story of Kintaro Hatorri'.

Seiko's 'The Story of Kintaro Hatorri'. A tribute.. The history of Seikoomvat a story of more than 130 years of innovation. Founder Kintaro Hattori was determined from an early age to be at the forefront of the watch industry. His oft-cited credo "Always one step ahead of the rest" has fueled a continuous stream of groundbreaking innovations over the years.

Innovations that enabled Seiko to establish itself as a global, leading leader in countless time technologies. The brand produced the very first wristwatch, but also the first pocket watch, the first wall clock and even the first alarm clock! Today – and for 100 years now – Seiko can rightly call itself an all-round watch manufacturer. In addition to innovation, they offer one of the best price-quality ratios in every segment of the watch market.

And all that, thanks to Kintaro Hattori..

Seiko honors its founder, 160 years after his birth, with 'The Story of Kintaro Hattori'.
We, as the largest Seiko dealer in the Netherlands, are happy to take you along with his dreams and challenges through this beautiful film.