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collected. This Black Friday week, charities are announcing.


Katja, Ben, Ellen, Nathalie… They will all be present during the Buddha to Buddha Event on Saturday 2 and Sunday 3 July!

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Buddha to Buddha, our store is completely devoted to this high-profile Dutch jewelry brand during the first weekend of July. And trust me, it promises to be an unmissable birthday party full of fun, inspiration and iconic jewelry.

Together with Buddha to Buddha, we ensure that no Buddha fan is missing anything. For example, we polish Buddha to Buddha jewelry for free, we show the entire collection of the brand and Buddha to Buddha customers go home with a nice goodie bag. And as if these weren't enough reasons to come to the store during the birthday weekend, we're also raffling a Ben XS bracelet among all Buddha to Buddha purchases.

And the snacks and drinks? Of course there are also plenty of them. Everybody is welcome. I hope to see you then!

Extra information

Iconic links that connect you with your inner self or guarantee a deep connection with people you love. We love Buddha to Buddha! And because the Dutch jewelry brand exists 25 years, we are going to celebrate that big.

Conceived in Amsterdam, it is based on The Buddha Way of Life and is intended for everyone. That is the story of Buddha to Buddha in a nutshell. But, we can tell you a lot more about it… We like to do that in the weekend of 2 and 3 July, because then this top-of-mind jewelry brand is central in our store in Rotterdam.

No Buddha to Buddha fan who will miss anything during this exclusive event, because we have a lot of fun in store. For example, have Buddha jewelry polished for free (maximum 2), view all iconic collections and leave the store with a fantastic goodie bag when you buy Buddha jewelry. And to complete the party, as a Buddha to Buddha customer you can win a beautiful Ben XS bracelet exclusively during this weekend!

  • What: Budda to Buddha event

  • When: 2 and 3 July

  • Where: Oude Binnenweg 45, Rotterdam

Over Buddha to Buddha

The Buddha Way of Life
Inspired by the Buddha Way of Life, Buddha to Buddha is much more than just a brand. Each handmade piece of jewelry symbolizes a convincing lifestyle, where everything revolves around celebrating life in all its contradictions.

Unique, precious jewels
With a piece of jewelry from Buddha to Buddha, love and personal attention are never far away. The characteristic jewels are designed in the Netherlands and are manufactured in Southeast Asia. According to age-old craftsmanship, by traditional goldsmiths and with the most beautiful, purest materials. Every detail is worked with utmost care and precision, resulting in unique items.

The Buddha to Buddha collections
Although the Buddha to Buddha collection is mainly characterized by the 925 sterling silver bracelets with chain motif, the collection has expanded over the years with more cool, robust designs for men and women. Iconic bracelets served as a source of inspiration for rings, necklaces, earrings and pendants, in which - in addition to 925 sterling silver - materials such as gold, leather and precious stones have become an integral part of the collections.

Choose the Buddha to Buddha jewel that suits you
From jewelry with large links from the Chain and Esther collections, to the more refined Edwin, Nurul and Katja collections. At Brunott you will always find a copy that suits you!