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Sporthorloges - Brunott Juwelier

Sports watch

Are you a real sports enthusiast and can often be found in the gym or on the field? Winter and summer sports, everything with sports is for you. Whatever you do, you are always moving. It is good to have a sports watch to measure and track more of your health. How long do you train, is your heart rate good, is it time to rest? There are many more functions that you can use with a sporty watch!

Appearance of a sporty watch

A sporty watch is different from a classic watch or an everyday watch. You can recognize a sporty watch by the sturdy, striking material. You can of course wear a sporty watch during training, but you can also wear it as a regular accessory. It is a watch that immediately stands out due to striking, small details and the large design.

The material of a sporty watch

A sporty watch must be able to take a beating, especially during training . For this reason, a sporty watch is often made of robust material. You will therefore not easily come across a sporty watch with a leather strap. The timepiece is also not very standard and there are additional functions that you can use. A sporty watch is often made of silicone or plastic.

Characteristics of a sporty watch

There are a number of features that almost every sports watch has. For example, consider the following extras:

  • You can set a timer;
  • Some sports watches contain depth gauges or a stopwatch. You can often swim laps with a sporty watch.
  • Compass and altimeter;
  • Made of robust material;
  • You can often swim with it and with some sporty watches you can also dive .

Which sporty watch is right for me?

There are many sports watches and the range continues to expand. For example, there are always extra functions for each watch that you can test. Not a swimmer? Then it is not necessary to invest in an expensive sports watch with which you can swim. Are you often found outside and in the gym? Then you can look at other extras that a sporty watch offers, such as a timer. Most sports watches are made of the same material, but you can always filter on this. This way you can be sure that you can keep your sports watch on during every sport you practice.

Choose sports watch

When you know what you want to use the sporty watch for, you can filter further to find the perfect watch. For example, always choose a suitable watch strap. A watch that is not comfortable is very disturbing during training. Also take a good look at the various types of watch glass. There is a lot of variation here and it is important that you choose robust material. A glass that is clear, greenhouse resistant and of good quality is important here.

Buy a sports watch at Brunott

Sports enthusiast or not: expressing a sporty style becomes more fun with a sporty watch from the Brunott collection! Robustly designed, equipped with steel straps and equipped with countless functionalities, the sports watches from our collection are the perfect match for the stylish, sporty man. Brunott has a nice collection of sports watches in stock . Discover our runners here!


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