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Exactly 1900 years after the beginning of our era, the story of Brunott Juwelier begins. A turbulent history, comparable to the development of Rotterdam in the early twentieth century: dynamic and continuously growing. Today - with roughly 120 years on the counter - our traditional Rotterdam company is far from finished. And the story? We haven't figured that out yet.


25 guilders starting capital and his wife's jewelry to use as display material: 25-year-old Geraldus Brunott didn't need more than that. At the time, the founder of our family business established his jewelers and clock shop at number 37 of the Binnenweg; a building in the oldest shopping street in the city. In no time he managed to seduce all Rotterdammers with taste and an eye for quality with 'large choice, solidity and cheap prices'. Brunott built up a close-knit clientele, and although things weren't always rosy within the family itself, his shop quickly became one of the most popular businesses in town. Expansion was a logical consequence.


'Because of the constantly increasing turnover of our articles, we were forced to involve building No.35. We hope to have met the requirements of our large circle of clients both in and outside the city, as we are now able to present our Patrons in a pleasant and easy way with an overwhelming choice of our various articles at the traditionally known low prices. prices and solid workmanship.'

Geraldus made no secret of the success of his 'warehouse of gold, silver, diamonds, watches, clocks and pendulums'. He saw his chance to move into the adjacent building for his store and proudly announced the reopening in the Rotterdamsch Nieuwsblad. On November 17, 1922, from about seven o'clock in the evening, the expansion was celebrated in style.


For Brunott, the following decades were all the more about development, renovation and relocation. Miraculously, on the Binnenweg, the bombing was spared. And while the name Brunott continues to gain in popularity, Geraldus moves into one Binnenweg building after another. Around 1950 he commissioned the architectural firm Vermeer & Van Herwaarden to design a 'jewel' for the city. Geraldus reached the highest point of the beautiful new store in July 1953 with the hoisting of the flag. But unfortunately he did not get to experience the opening, two months later. Geraldus Brunott died at the age of 78.

Brunott's impressive range, but especially the focus on service, quality and craftsmanship has left an indelible impression on Rotterdam. Now it's our turn. We build on 120 years of tradition.


A lot can happen in a century. Needles and corks to pierce the ears have been put away for good and the pocket watches have been exchanged for technical feats. Other than that, not much has really changed: our customers want to spoil themselves, surprise loved ones or seal their love. They value beauty, want to be helped pleasantly and opt for nothing less than the highest quality. All this really only means one thing: Brunott Jeweler is still there for you. If not at number 45 of the (Oude) Binnenweg, then in our store in Capelle aan den IJssel or online. With watches, jewelry, wedding rings and countless valuable services. Welcome to Brunott Juwelier, the trendsetter who has always remained himself.

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