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    Seiko Prospex Black Series - Brunott Juwelier

    A night dive is a great way to experience the underwater world in a completely different way than during the day. Many divers are fascinated by the mysterious atmosphere of the ocean at night. No wonder this leisure activity is very popular all over the world. Seiko Prospex offers the tools - in the form of four very special watches in The Black Series - to always carry the special atmosphere of night diving with you. The deep black housing expresses the darkness and silence of the night ocean; the orange color accents subtly refer to the lights that dispel the darkness under water.

    The four models in The Black Series are authentic, contemporary reinterpretations of historic Seiko divers' watches from 1965, 1968 and 1970.

    Dial & Bezel

    The deep black dial and the orange color accents are a reference to the special atmosphere under water during night dives.


    The hour markers and hands are finished with Lumibrite to ensure the highest possible readability in the darkest conditions.

    Watch strap

    The watches are offered with a super strong fabric strap that incorporates a traditional braiding technique from Japan called Seichu. The strength and resistance of these Seichu straps to the action of sunlight and sea water meet the highest standards of Seiko Prospex diver's watches.

    Additional watch strap

    The extra black silicone strap that comes with it is also great to be worn in a myriad of circumstances.


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