Vera van Oort

Vera van Oort

Vera van Oort
Verkoopmedewerkster Rotterdam
Typical Vera
Creatief, ijverig, behulpzaam
Favorite brands
One More, byR&C, Nanis
Favorite piece of jewelry
One More Etna Ring
Favorite watch
Meistersinger Lunascope
Vera at Brunott Full of knowledge and expertise on the subject, Vera prefers to be involved in jewellery. Making an inventory of wishes suits her like a glove; she senses what her clients are looking for like no other. Even when this concerns customization.

Hunting and gathering Wherever she goes or stands, Vera is always looking for natural treasures. She regularly comes home with shells, insects and dried leaves. She carefully stores her finds in boxes, until the moment when it will form the basis of something very beautiful.

Gourmet Spaghetti, tacos, pizza or a good piece of meat: you can always wake Vera up for food. She likes to spoil herself with homemade delicacies and has nothing to do with ready meals and convenience foods. Except for one thing: chocolate!

Own line It's only a matter of time before Vera's biggest dream comes true. Graduated from the art academy, she is working as a goldsmith to set up her own jewelry line. Her style? You could describe it as unique, feminine and graceful – using decorative and organic shapes.

CreaVera She designs amazing jewellery, transforms fabrics into dresses and creates: Vera breathes and lives creativity. She successfully completes one project after another and gets her inspiration from everywhere - offline, but certainly also online.

Gaining strength Vera doesn't need more than a mat to empty her head and stay in shape. Power yoga is on the program on Tuesday evening, and she loves to do BBB exercises in between the companies. And she thinks that's a lot more relaxed than eating a bag of chips on the couch!

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