Amber van der Zwan

Amber van der Zwan

Bedrijfleidster Rotterdam
Amber van der Zwan
Bedrijfsleidster Rotterdam
Typical Amber
Energiek, zorgzaam, lief
Favorite brands
Bell & Ross, One More, Nanis, MeisterSinger
Favorite piece of jewelry
Transformista armband van Nanis
Favorite watch
Slimline Moonphase Stars Manufacture van Frederique Constant
Amber at Brunott Events such as a birth or proposal are so special that, according to Amber, they deserve a jewel for life. Helping to choose these gifts is therefore her specialty.

Atmosphere maker Amber thinks in terms of confetti and warm brownies with vanilla ice cream. In other words: this lady makes a party out of everything! She is bursting with energy and positivity, and that is mainly expressed in a lot of fun. At home, with friends, but also in the store - Amber gives a shopping experience that is forever etched in the memory!

Second love You can certainly not call her a luxury horse, but Amber does love beautiful things. Particularly from Louis Vuitton, the designer pieces just seem to be made for her. Friend Carlo has now fully accepted this 'second love'; once in a while he even spoils her with boots or a bag from Mr. LV.

Quartet of men She doesn't really need more than her 'men's quartet'; Carlo and her three sons make Amber intensely happy. Together they enjoy the little things in life, such as a visit to the petting zoo or cuddling with their little hearts on the couch. And when the kids are in bed, she effortlessly exchanges the jars of baby food and lemonade for tapas and wine.

Cold coffee and caramel Amber is open about her addiction to iced coffee. Her favourite? Variants with caramel! Sometimes she just really needs this treat. And if that means driving to McDonalds in pajamas, so be it.

Creative people person Amber loves to make others feel nice and special! In principle, she could develop jewelery as a certified goldsmith, but that would make her a lot less happy. She prefers to help people in the store find a special gift or great memory!

Amber's favourites

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