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Jewelry literally and figuratively adds luster to your life. Unfortunately, precious metals and gemstones can become dull over time. Damage and discoloration can also occur. Only if you take good care of your jewelry, the precious shine remains

So don't bullshit, but polish. Brunott is happy to help and shares some valuable tips and tricks on jewelry maintenance.

Regular maintenance is a must

To keep your jewelry in optimal condition, regular cleaning is a must. You can easily do this at home by using our professional cleaning products. If you want to be sure of the right cleaning products and techniques, we are of course happy to take care of the maintenance of your jewelry!

It is advisable to take off all types of jewelry while sleeping, exercising, swimming, sunbathing and cleaning, and store it in a separate box. Silver jewelry and jewelry with gemstones should ideally be kept sealed and put on only after applying personal care products and makeup.


Why is my silver jewelry turning gray or black? A question we often get as jewelers. While many people think there is something wrong with the authenticity of the jewelry, that discoloration is actually a sign that it is a genuine piece of silver jewelry. The tarnish is a natural reaction of silver to oxygen and the acidity of your skin, also known as oxidation. The rate at which this inescapable process happens depends on several factors, including any medication use by the wearer. Because certain medications increase the pH of the skin, silver discolors more quickly.

Silver jewelry can be easily cleaned with a silver polishing cloth. Depending on the degree of oxidation, this will not always produce the desired result. In that case, we can clean your silver jewelry in an ultrasonic bath and polish it until it shines like it has never been worn!


Jewelry made of gold does not need to be polished and polished as often as jewelry made of silver. Still, dirt and grease can accumulate on gold jewelry as well, causing the precious metal to lose its luster. Dulled gold can be refurbished by brushing it with a cloth or soft toothbrush moistened in lukewarm soapy green soap.


Jewelry made of platinum is virtually indestructible. So it's no coincidence that this durable, rare and pure precious metal is often chosen for engagement and wedding rings. Grease and dirt on platinum can be removed with a cloth or soft toothbrush. In addition to cleaning, Brunott is happy to take care of your platinum jewelry. If desired, we can fully restore the original luster of dulled platinum jewelry!


Not only precious metals, also precious stones need care from time to time. Most color stones can be safely cleaned with lukewarm soapy water, a mild detergent and a soft brush. Porous color stones (such as turquoise, malachite and lapis lazuli) tend to absorb chemicals and moisture, so cleaning with a soft, slightly damp cloth will suffice. Do you have a piece of jewelry with an opal? If so, avoid bright light, heat, ammonia and ultrasonic cleaners and gently polish the stone with a dry cloth.

Do you doubt about the hardness of the stone and the corresponding maintenance method? At Brunott you can always ask questions about cleaning your jewelry with gemstones.


Even the almost indestructible, powerful diamond can lose its shine. Fortunately, the irresistible brilliance is very easy to bring back by regularly soaking the diamond jewelry in a soak of lukewarm water and mild detergent.

Of course, you can also opt for a professional cleaning at Brunott. We bring back the original brilliance of the diamond and immediately check the jewelry for wear or loose settings.

If you want to maintain your jewelry at home yourself, we recommend Hagery's maintenance products. Hagerty has been the jewelry maintenance specialist for years.

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