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Sell your Pre-Owned Watch at Brunott

At Brunott, we understand the value and sentiment behind your watch. If you are considering selling your pre-owned watch, we invite you to schedule an appointment through our easy-to-use appointment module. During your appointment, which always takes place with our specialist Marlin, we will do our best to provide an accurate valuation right away. Should this not succeed immediately, we will hold your watch for a few days before making you a final proposal.

Advantages of selling at Brunott

  • Reliability: With 124 years of experience in Rotterdam, Brunott is a name that stands for trust and professionalism. Our long history and reputation guarantee you an honest and transparent selling experience.
  • Extra Value: When you choose to exchange your watch for another watch or a gift certificate, we offer you 25% more than the standard purchase price. This is our way of rewarding your loyalty.
  • Secure Payment: Payouts are always made via bank transfer and can take up to five business days. Upon return of the watch, we will make a copy of your identification for your and our security.

Easy Appointment

Easily schedule your appointment through our online module and choose a date and time that is most convenient for you. Our specialist Marlin is ready to personally assist you and ensure that your sales process is smooth and enjoyable.

At Brunott, we value honesty and customer satisfaction. Your trust is most important to us, and we look forward to welcoming you to our store.

Make an appointment today and discover the excellent service that has characterized Brunott for more than a century.

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