Don't bullshit, but polish jewelry. And hard too! Being the oldest and most famous jeweler in Rotterdam is no mean feat.


For over a century Brunott Juwelier has been part of the Rotterdam street scene. Generations Rotterdam's grew up with the arsenal of watches, jewelry and wedding rings of our close-knit family business. Still hammered on service, reliability and quality, Brunott Juwelier has in recent years developed into diverse, durable and dynamic. Just like the city itself.

From Rotterdam, renowned as 'gateaway to Europe' we put our roll up our sleeves to search and select fantastic jewelry and impressive watches. In doing so, we attach great importance to the durability and 'honesty' of the materials used. (You have to have something to show for it, if you want to remain head and shoulders above the rest..) And although you cannot find Brunott on the mart, we can promise that everyone with us has the opportunity to buy a high-quality piece of jewelry or watch without giving you the maupie of the price. 

The archetypal Brunott way

Brunott's enthusiastic craftsmen take an honest, groundbreaking approach and are right there for you when you need help. We're good at listening to your needs, but don't shy away from our maw- er, mouth if it gets in the way of honest advice. Our team can't wait to assist you in making your choice from our carefully selected collection, repairing your jewelry or your butter bell a service.