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    Buddha to Buddha - Brunott Juwelier

    Buddha to buddha jewelry

    The jewelry of Buddha to Buddha has been present in the streets for years. The typical braided pieces and the unique links of the bracelets are recognizable and timeless, so that the beautiful jewelry never gets boring. We are proud to sell these products in our webshop and we are happy to tell you more about the collection!

    Where does Buddha to Buddha come from?

    The story of Buddha to Buddha begins in Asia. During a meditative journey, founder Batul Loomans went in search of meaning, reflection and the deeper meaning and joy in life. To turn it into something tangible, he made a sketch and asked a local silversmith to make it into a piece of jewelry. The first Buddha to Buddha bracelet thus became a fact. Since then, Buddha to Buddha has been known worldwide for its handmade and exclusive jewellery. The jewelry collection is the embodiment of the deeper meaning that Batul Loomans found in Asia. Designed with care in Amsterdam and then made with love by the best silversmiths in Southeast Asia, that is Buddha to Buddha.

    Different types of jewelry

    The Buddha to Buddha collection consists of all kinds of different types of jewelry. At Brunott you will find the following types of jewelery in the range, among others.

    For Buddha to Buddha it all started with bracelets and to this day the Buddha to Buddha bracelet is one of the most popular products in the range. 

    The special rings from Buddha to Buddha closely follow the bracelets, because these are also real eye-catchers. 

    Special earrings as only Buddha to Buddha can make them, in the recognizable style and yet different from anything you've seen before. 

    You will also find Budda to Buddha necklace with us. These always form the perfect complement to an outfit.

    Various materials and colours

    The recognizable designs of the various jewelry from the Buddha to Buddha collection can therefore be found in Buddha to Buddha bracelets, rings, earrings and pendants. In addition, these are also available in all kinds of different materials and therefore also different color combinations. Below we briefly describe these to give you an idea of ​​the possibilities.

    • Sterling silver

    The jewelery in shiny sterling silver is the most recognizable and classic Buddha to Buddha product and goes with everything.

    • Silver with rhodium finish

    A special variant on the classic sterling silver in the form of a rhodium finish, which gives the piece of jewelry a beautiful, matt black color.

    • Eighteen carat gold

    For lovers of the beautiful gold color, various Buddha to Buddha jewelery is also available in eighteen carat gold. 

    • Different combinations

    In addition to the above-mentioned colors and materials, there are also beautiful combinations of those different external characteristics. How about a bracelet with a rhodium finish and an 18k gold clasp?

    • Leather in different colours

    The beautiful bracelets with braided pattern are also available in leather versions. This leather is available in both black and brown and even in a beautiful olive color!

    • Jewelry with a stone

    The collection also includes special pieces with a stone, such as the Batas ring with a beautiful, round amazonite.

    A Buddha to Buddha piece of jewelry for everyone

    What we find so special about the jewelry and brand of Buddha to Buddha is that these products are really suitable for everyone. Tough enough for men and elegant enough for women, but also for both young and old and everything in between, the brand is a wonderful addition to every style and taste. The strong identity of the brand and timeless, unisex designs will therefore not soon be forgotten.

    Good to combine

    Another nice feature of the jewelry that Buddha to Buddha makes is that it is very easy to combine. Because of the recognizable style, they fit very well together, for example, but they also go very well with other jewelry that you may already have. For example, think of your favorite watch or those special earrings that you love to wear. That's not all, because Buddha to Buddha even produces a beautiful clothing line. Again very good to combine with the beautiful jewelry, or with other things that you like to wear of course.

    You can buy the most beautiful jewelry at Brunott!

    A Buddha to Buddha ring, necklace or bracelet, but also many other beautiful pieces of jewelery can be found in our extensive collection, both online and in our physical stores. We are happy to help you find the perfect piece of jewelry, for yourself or as a gift for someone else. So if you get stuck or would like to ask a number of questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to talk to you!


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