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Seiko Astron

Immediately Seiko Astron watch you are just the push of a button away from the exact date and time, worldwide. Using only energy generated by light, an Astron GPS Solar watch establishes contact with at least four satellites in the universe. Meet the durable, highest Seiko standard.

Seiko Astron GPS Solar 

Are you looking for a cool and multifunctional men's watch that is also self-sufficient? Then the Astron GPS Solar series might be something for you! The Seiko Astron is the world's first solar powered GPS watch. This revolutionary watch technology introduced by Seiko makes the Seiko Astron the watch of the future generation! The new Astron models are even faster and easier to operate and also have a wide reception option. You can set the correct time zone anywhere in the world with a simple push of a button. Ideal for the traveling watch enthusiast! Be inspired by this stylish watch collection and choose from different materials, colors and watch straps. Order your new Seiko Astron watch today brunott! 

Design Seiko Astron 

The design of the new Seiko Astron models is a tribute to the Astron Quartz launched in the 1950s: the first quartz pulse watch in the world! The unmistakable Astron design is mainly reflected in the characteristic curved lines of the cabinet. The compact case is available in various high-quality materials, such as steel or titanium. Thanks to the high-quality materials, the cabinet is scratch-resistant. In addition, the case rests comfortably on the wrist. Seiko Astron watches are specially hand polished with Seiko's unique Zaratsu technique. Furthermore, the case is fitted with beautifully curved sapphire glass with an anti-reflective coating on the inside. The anti-reflective coating increases readability from any viewing angle and eliminates 99% of all reflections. The Seiko Astron is immaculately finished with a sturdy strap and folding clasp with push button. This gives the watch a sporty look! 

GPS Solar technology 

The GPS Solar caliber 5X53 is the most advanced caliber ever! The solar timepiece of the Seiko Astron makes the watch completely self-sufficient. The watch only uses energy generated by light. This makes changing batteries a thing of the past. The Astron GPS watch makes contact with at least four satellites in space. This way you can set your watch to the correct time zone anywhere in the world with the push of a button! In addition, with a maximum deviation of 1 second per 100,000 years, the Seikon Astron is a star in precision! 

That's not all! Seiko has optimized the energy consumption of the latest Seiko Astron models. Seiko developed a GPS module especially for the Seiko Astron that consumes extremely little energy. The latest Seiko Astron models use only 20% of the amount of energy compared to other GPS modules. All Seiko Astron watches are also equipped with a day/date function and waterproof. Ideal for watch lovers who are looking for a multifunctional watch with a cool look! 

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