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Time Box

If you're looking for a good way to charge an automatic watch or store your watches, you've come to the right place! At Brunott you will find the beautiful collection of watch winders, watch boxes and jewelry boxes from Scatola del Tempo.

Sustainable Italian class

If you say Italian-class watch accessories, you say Scatola del Tempo. Since 1989, the brand has been making both stylish and indispensable accessories for all your favorite watches. Indispensable, because as the owner of luxury watches you naturally want to do everything you can to maintain your mechanical watch. The founder of Scatola del Tempo, Mr. Sandro Calorieti, certainly thought so too. The Italian Calorieri started the brand Scatola del Tampo out of its own need to be able to wind and store its luxury automatic watches properly. The result? A range of stylish watch winders and watch boxes suitable for winding and storing all types of automatic watches, including pepertual calendar watches. And because Scatola del Tempo opts for unique designs made of sturdy wood, steel and supple Italian calf leather, watch accessories from Italy are extremely popular with watch collectors all over the world!

Automatic watch winding

An automatic or mechanical watch is a watch without a battery that needs to be wound and that you should always keep it moving. This winding of an automatic watch happens while wearing it on the wrist or when you use a watch winder (also called a watch winder). It is very important to choose a reliable watch winder, because if an automatic watch comes to a standstill, this is bad for the timepiece. Fortunately, you don't have to with a watch winder from Scatola del Tiempo
not to be afraid of standing still; all the winders of the Italian brand are approaching technical perfection. The watch winders from Scatola del Tempo have been developed with the aim of perfectly imitating the natural movement of the wrist and make no fewer than 1900 revolutions per day. To guarantee this reliable frequency, every handmade watch winders from Scatola del Tiempo is equipped with a powerful Swiss motor that is also energy-efficient and virtually silent. In addition, all watch winders have a unique, timeless design and are made by real craftsmen. In short: when maintaining an automatic watch yourself, a watch winder from Scatola del Tiempo is indispensable!

Store watches in style

According to etiquette, you always wear watches on the wrist of your non-dominant hand. But where do you put a watch if you don't want it
or can't wear it, for example because you have several watches in your collection? The answer is simple: in a Scatola del Tempo watch box! A Scatalo del Tempo watch box is a perfect place to store precious watches when you are not wearing them. Watch boxes from Scatola del Tiempo offer protection against dust and moisture, but are also fantastic for presenting your watches. Your friends will be jealous!

Large collection of Scatolo del Tempo

Whether you are looking for a watch winder for 1 watch or a watch storage box for several watches; as an official dealer of Scatola del Tempo, you will always find Scatolo del Tempo accessories at Brunott that suit you and your wishes. Discover your favorite watch accessory from Scatola del Tempo in the webshop or visit one of our stores.