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MeisterSinger - Rituals of time

Are you always busy? We have to run, jump, fly, dive, fall, get up and keep going. But time has no mercy and time is ticking. For MeisterSinger the reason to break with the hectic pace of the day. Based on the slogan 'Rituals of time', the brand believes in well-thought-out, constructed men's watches with a relaxed experience of time.

unit hand

MeisterSinger has been committed to a proven principle from the very beginning: that of the one hand. The dial of the Meistersinger horloges for men perfectly reflect this philosophy; time elapses in units of five minutes. In doing so, they hark back to the tradition of timekeeping in its most authentic form, identical to the sundial and the first mechanical pocket watches from the 17th century. And so the MeisterSinger give the wearer peace of mind.

Fascinating model

In terms of technology and design, the models for men from the watch collections of the German MeisterSinger meet the highest standards. The fascinating designs of the luxury watch brand are based on high quality craftsmanship, have already won many design awards and are of high quality. Watches of the series No1, No2, No3, Pangeae, Salthora, Salthora Meta X, Perigraph, Neo, Singulator, Paleograph, Circularis, Adhaesio and Phanero adorn the collection, although the German brand regularly releases limited watches for men.

Large collection of MeisterSinger watches in stock

As an official dealer, Brunott has a large collection of MeisterSinger mechanical watches in stock. In our shop you will find classic watches and modern watches with a timeless character. Hand-wound, automatic watches or watches with a power reserve – Brunott is the place to buy the MeisterSinger men's watch of your dreams.