Collection: Kobu Pearls

    Kobu Parels - Brunott Juwelier

    The King of Buul

    Capturing natural beauty and refined elegance in a piece of jewelry. That is the domain of De Koning van Buul (KOBU) Pearls. Founded in 1947, the Dutch brand has been leading the way in pearls and pearl jewelry for more than 70 years.

    Reliable name in pearls

    The purity of the pearl is reflected in the company's DNA: imitation and lack of quality shine through its absence. The pearls and precious metals that KOBU selects for its pearl jewelry are of the highest quality. Certified Akoya pearls of Japanese origin, dark Tahitian pearls, high-value South Sea pearls and beautiful freshwater pearls are combined with solid European-made closures.

    Beautiful pearl jewelry

    Intactness, beautiful shapes and a seductive shine are the common denominators in the collection. KOBU designs and manufactures hand-strung or knotted pearl necklaces and pearl bracelets in its own workshop. Matching pearl earrings complete the set. KOBU is far removed from all clichés; the creations are timeless, contemporary and give every woman an understated chic look.

    True gems

    Discover the KOBU pearl collection at Brunott and let yourself be seduced by the shine, the intense brightness and the special color spectrum. As an official dealer of the brand, you can contact us for a wide range of pearl jewelry from De Koning van Buul!