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Classic watches

Traditional, modest, but above all very stylish: classic watches are meant for eternity. Except that a classic watch goes with everything and all your life can be worn, they are also an investment. Have you been looking for the perfect classic watch for a long time? There are some things you should know about classic watches. They are quite different from the new, often digital watches.

What are classic watches?

Classic watches are watches that were designed long ago and were worn by elegant ladies and gentlemen. We are thinking here of old-fashioned watches that are timeless. There are a number of characteristics to which you can classifyrecognize my watch. A classic watch from street style and tradition. Today, classic watches are becoming more and more popular. You can buy new classic watches, but there are also plenty of vintage classic watches.

Characteristics of a classic horloge

Most people can easily recognize a classic watch. There are a number of standard features of a classic watch that you do not easily find in modern watches. For example, consider the following characteristics:


A classic watch is a lot lighter to wear than a modern watch. For example, the strap is always made of leather and the timepiece is made of light materials. The modern watches, on the other hand, are often produced from swordthere material. This is also because a modern watch has many more functionalities.


A classic watch is and often looks standard. This means that watch faces shouldn't offer too many extra options. It is a standard dial which is often also monochrome. The simple, but beautiful keeps a watch classic. You don't want to have too many technical problems with this.


A classic watch has a verymore design than the modern watches that we see a lot these days. For example, the strap of a classic watch is always made of leather and you can choose from many different types of leather. A classic watch is also light to wear and not very bigt. Where modern watches are very thick, large and heavy, a classic watch is not all this.

A classic watch as an investment

In addition to the fact that a classic watch is pleasant to wear, exudes style and is timeless, it is also an investment. classicEvery watch can be passed down through generations or sold, for example. A classic watch becomes more valuable as time passes.

Classic watches at Brunott

Classic quality watches - characterized by a monochrome dial, balanced hand length and stylish leather strap - are part of our collection from the very first hour. At Brunott, all quality watches come from a good house. Make time right away to find a butter clock that suits you! Of course you can also visit usIn one of our stores, but we can also help you find the right watch online. Have you placed an order online, but the watch doesn't fit you? Then you can always return the watch and exchange it for the right size.