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Frederique Constant Watch

Since the 18th century, Geneva has been an important center for the development and production of high-quality mechanical timepieces. Geneva watchmakers have acquired a unique position as masters of this particular craft. Also the workshops and offices of Frederique Constant are located near Geneva. Read all about the Frederique Constant clocks from Brunott. 

Passion for mechanical watches

The company Frédérique Constant was born out of a passion for mechanical watches. The Dutch founder Peter C. Stas (Gouda, 1963) and his wife Aletta Bax started this successful adventure in 1988. The company's name is a portmanteau of the names of Peter Stas' great-grandparents; Frédérique Schreiner (1881-1969) and Constant Stas (1880-1967).
In the early 1900's Constant Stas was active as a manufacturer of clock dials. Only a few watchmakers, even in Switzerland, are still capable of producing complicated, high-quality mechanical timepieces today. Frédérique Constant is one of them and manufactures timepieces with fully dust and waterproof watch cases, to protect the fine mechanics. This is only possible through great dedication and involvement during the entire process, from design to final assembly. Frédérique Constant's Heart Beat Manufacture is perhaps the best example of this.

A classic Frédérique Constant watch with an eye to the future

As an independent manufacturer and thanks to good cooperation with suppliers, Frédérique Constant has an important position within the precision watchmaking industry. The watchmakers employed by Frédérique Constant also make a difference. Most have been trained at the specialized vocational schools of Geneva and La Chaux-de-Fonds, in the Swiss Jura, and have first gained experience with other renowned brands.
In addition to the technical qualities of the watches, Frédérique Constant attaches great importance to the quality of the design. Trends and customer preferences play a role in this, as does autonomous classic beauty.

Looking for a Frédérique Constant watch?

Even though it is a brand with a short but fascinating history and with traditional qualities, at Frédérique Constant the attention is mainly focused on the future. And thanks to the excellent price/quality ratio, the watches are accessible to a relatively large audience. Few Swiss brands are able to offer high quality at the relatively low consumer price that is characteristic of Frédérique Constant. Brunott Juwelier is happy to help you at one of our physical locations in Rotterdam or Capelle aan den IJssel.