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Buddha to Buddha ring

Looking for a classic? A ring that you can always wear and which is made of the best quality? At Buddha to Buddha you have come to the right place! Buddha to Buddha makes unisex rings, which means that the rings are suitable for both men and women. Often we see that the selection of silver thin rings are very popular among women. The rings that are a bit thicker are more often worn by men.

About Buddha to Buddha rings

A ring says a lot. It is a piece of jewelry that is very visible when you wear it. Often a ring is given to someone as a gift. Think of a birthday, achieving a good goal or, for example, an engagement. This way we see that every occasion is suitable to give a ring as a gift. This makes the Buddha to Buddha ring the ultimate gift. It is a piece of jewelry of very good quality, a timeless item that goes with everything and a personal gift that always has a story behind it.

Buddha to Buddha ring collectie

When you search for a Buddha to Buddha ring at Brunott, you will see different collections. We list them below for you:

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  • Ben Black Rhodium Shine;
  • Nurul;
  • Edwin.

Buddha to Buddha ring kopen

Do you want to buy a Buddha to Buddha ring? Buddha to Buddha has the most timeless rings in their collections and incorporates the popular ways of wearing the rings into creating new collections. A popular way of wearing Buddha to Buddha rings is to stack the rings on top of each other.

Combining a Buddha to Buddha ring

You can easily combine a Buddha to Buddha ring with a ring from another collection. Each ring has its own story. We see, for example, that the way in which the rings are braided, as it were, are different for each collection. This makes the Buddha to Buddha rings so unique. This also allows you to combine rings from different Buddha to Buddha collections and stack them on top of each other. This way you create your own story, as it were, with the Buddha to Buddha rings.

The history of the Buddha to Buddha rings

As can be seen in the collection, Buddha to Buddha rings only consist of 925 sterling silver. It is not possible to obtain Buddha to Buddha rings in other materials or colours. This makes a Buddha to Buddha very recognizable when worn. The advantage of the material from which the Buddha to Buddha ring is made is that you are assured of strong material and a high silver content.

Buddha to Buddha in Bali

If we look further at the history of the Buddha to Buddha ring, we see that these are handmade in Bali. This is also the place where the first Buddha to Buddha jewelry was made. Specialists are now working in various places in Southeast Asia to make the most beautiful Buddha to Buddha rings.

 Buddha to Buddha bij Brunott

You can easily order a Buddha to Buddha ring at Brunott. In the webshop you can see exactly which collection we have available and in which size you can order the rings. Not sure what size you have or is it a gift for someone else? Please feel free to contact us! We will work with you to determine which size is right for you. We also help you find the right gift for your boyfriend, girlfriend or family member, for example. You can also come by appointment for a pleasant afternoon with a cup of coffee of course! See you soon.