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Buddha to Buddha hanger

Brunott offers an extensive range from Buddha to Buddha. As an official dealer, Brunott has a wide range of Buddha to Buddha jewelry available. On this page you will find the Buddha to Buddha pendants at Brunott. Is this your first Buddha to Buddha jewelry? Take a look at the collections and be surprised by the wonderful stories that lie behind each copy. Buddha to Buddha is more than just a beautiful jewelry brand. Buddha to Buddha wants to express the free, Buddhist lifestyle in the jewelry that is made!

Over Buddha to Buddha hangers

You wear Buddha to Buddha pendants with a lot of love. Buddha to Buddha takes inspiration from Buddhism. This all has to do with a nice, quiet lifestyle with love for everything around us. For each pendant you can see which meaning suits you best.
Each pendant is handmade in Bali and thus symbolizes a convincing lifestyle, always about celebrating life in all its contradictions. By reading for yourself what each pendant means, you can choose the Buddha to Buddha pendant that touches you most on a personal level. You can combine this with other jewelry from Buddha to Buddha to give it a personal twist. Maybe you have achieved some great goals, sometimes in difficult times, and you want to celebrate this by symbolizing it with a pendant!

The quality of Buddha to Buddha pendants

The Buddha to Buddha pendants are made of 925 sterling silver and are often provided with a layer of silver oxide. The pendants are therefore always made of the best quality. When creating a new pendant, we look at how it can be made in the best way. Buddha to Buddha finds it important that all jewelry can be worn for a long time and always look beautiful. For example, it is nice if you can pass on your pendant later to your child or, for example, your nephew or niece.

Buddha to Buddha pendant collection

The great thing about Buddha to Buddha necklaces is that you can wear them separately, because they are already unique and beautiful enough on their own. But you can also choose a beautiful pendant on your necklace to make it even more unique and personal. For example, you can combine a necklace from one collection with a pendant from another collection. At Brunott you can find pendants from the following collections:

  • Hanger Lotus XS
  • Pendant Endless Knot XS
  • Pendant Barbara Link
  • Polished Lock Dunia World
  • Pendant Barbara Tag
  • Hanger Buddha XS

Will you choose the spiritual Endless Knot or the mysterious Lotus? Each pendant refers to the Buddhist lifestyle.

Buddha to Buddha at Brunott

Would you like to know more about Buddha to Buddha pendants or would you like more information about the range on our webshop and in our stores? Please feel free to contact us. Our online chat will help you find the perfect pendant for you! Of course you can always visit one of our stores to immediately see how the hangers look.

Buddha to Buddha hanger online coupon

Have you seen a beautiful Buddha to Buddha pendant in our webshop? Then you can easily order it online. The pendant will be shipped within 24 hours and you will receive free shipping from 100 euros. Have you received the pendant and the pendant does not quite match your other jewelry? Then you can exchange the pendant for another pendant free of charge within 30 days.