Collection: Blush

Blush - Brunott Juwelier

The chance to blush

It grabs you, but you can't grab it. The warm feeling that rises in your stomach slowly works its way up and leaves you with a radiant blush on your cheeks.

Refined, uncomplicated jewelry

The Dutch jewelery brand captures, celebrates and cherishes these magical moments in their refined jewellery. The Blush jewelry is carefully crafted from 14 carat gold, cubic zirconia and freshwater pearls and represents today's modern woman: chic, playful and elegant.

Blush sieraden collection

White gold, yellow gold and rose gold: Blush loves all the colors of this luxurious precious metal. The collection includes rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces that can be worn solitaire but can also be effortlessly combined with each other to create a beautiful set for every occasion.

Choose the Blush jewel that makes you blush

Looking for a rose gold ring with zirconia, stud earrings with pearls or another piece of jewelry that makes you blush? As an official dealer you will find the luxury of Blush at an accessible price at Brunott.

You're beautiful when you blush. So let's blush, from the heart.