We are ready for you online

It is incomprehensible, but unfortunately we are forced to close our stores again. Just when we have bought the best Christmas collection ever especially for you! With 4 new brands and hundreds of beautiful jewelry, December had to be the icing on the Christmas cake. But .. we will of course not give up; This year we will also provide the most beautiful gifts under the tree!

Just like last year, we will help you digitally as best as possible. Armed with iPads and cameras, we show you the most beautiful jewelry and watches live. It may be a bit clumsy and we can't serve a nice cup of coffee or a glass of cava with it, but that doesn't make the gifts any less beautiful.

To get the best out of our digital shopping session, we ask you to prepare well. Get some inspiration, share your budget indication with us and we'll take care of the rest. The majority of our range is waiting for you in our webshop, our new brands (ByR&C Romance, Niessing, Tickets, Scatola del Tempo and NOL GOLD COLLECTION) we are happy to show with photos or via a Zoom session. Also nice: if you live near our store in Rotterdam, we will personally bring the gift to your home!

Do you need help from our specialists in selecting the perfect Christmas gifts? Then don't wait any longer and book your appointment immediately (under this message).

Of course we are also available by phone and via chat for questions.

See you soon, we will also have a party online together!