To surprise, spoil or conquer the love of your life, it doesn't have to be Valentine's Day. But hey, while you're already looking for a suitable gift...

go for gold A well-known Buddha to Buddha piece of jewelry, made in 18 carat yellow gold.What’s not to love?Play for Cupid and hit with bracelet Katya, (Buddha to Buddha - €1320,-)

Heart Thief Beautiful, refined and beautiful - conquer her heart with this 14 carat yellow gold necklace from the Blush collection. Guaranteed. (Blush - €139,-)

Constantly in love, A mother-of-pearl dial, guilloche decoration and graceful Roman numerals: falling in love will never end with this stylish watch from Frederique Constant on the wrist. (Frederique Constant -€2,395,-)

love moment, Declaring love to someone can be quite exciting. Find support with this sterling silver bracelet from Moments, grab your moment and make it perfect. (Moments - €69,-)

Fashionable Gift, With his designs, Michael Kors has now managed to win over every woman. Now it's your time! Armed with a rose gold watchfrom the designer himself that will certainly work. And, perhaps best of all: Brunott is now offering a great discount on this beautiful specimen with glittering zirconia! ((Michael Kors - €181,35)

Artfully conquered
Is it difficult to show love? This piece of jewelry from Lapponia makes it a breeze! Designer Zoltan Popovits was inspired by the Japanese art of folding, resulting in a silver necklace to fall in love with. (Lapponia - €990,-)

A picture, Love is – still – in the air. From February 14, it will hang on the neck of your loved one! At least, if you decide to spoil her with the best of the best. Miss Spring made this beautiful necklace with 14kt gold and brilliant cut diamond. (Miss Spring - €340,-)

love at first dance,18 carat gold, aquamarine and diamond. In other words: everything to impress. Even if you have zero dance skills yourself - this one 'dancing' necklacevan Nanis has plenty! (Nanis - €1140,-)

Not one, but two, 18kt white gold + diamond, to the power of 2. The outcome of this sum? This beautiful pair of earrings from One More. (One More - €1,475,-)

Tisseis! This is it (tissem): her true love! Silver and rose gold, sporty and chic. This handsome watchfrom Tissot it's all. (Tissot - €495,-)