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collected. This Black Friday week, charities are announcing.

Brunott Presents: EBEL

We are proud to announce that Brunott is now official dealer of EBEL!

EBEL is a Swiss watch house that has excelled in the development of watches for men and women for many years. Beauty and functionality are never far away in an EBEL watch; the brand is guided by the motto 'Beauty Marries Function'. And let that be a slogan that we, as a jeweler, also feel strongly about!

EBEL watches

The complete range of watches from EBEL consists of 4 different collections. Of course, every collection is different, although "timeless" and "quality" are clearly common denominators. This is expressed in a stylishly designed design and beautiful decorations including diamonds and 18 carat gold. It is up to you to determine at Brunott which collection and which model appeals to you the most. And take it from us that this journey of discovery is a real party!

EBEL Trade-in offer

For those who already own an EBEL watch (or maybe even own several EBEL watches), we also have something nice. You can exchange your EBEL watch - regardless of its condition or age - for a discount on a new one! If the price of your new EBEL watch is €3000 or less, you will receive a €500 discount from us in exchange for your old watch. If your eye has fallen on a watch worth more than €6000, the discount amount even increases to €2000. The discounts are as follows:

 Price new EBEL watch Discount when returning EBEL watch
< €3.000,- €500,-
€3,000 to €4,500 €1.000,-
€4,500 to €6,000 €1.500,-
> €6.000,- €2.000,-

Our collection

More Ebel

Official dealer of EBEL

Have you seen a beautiful watch from EBEL in one of our stores or our webshop? Good news, because as an official dealer of EBEL we can deliver all models from the current collections to you in a very short time. And if you have any questions or special requests, don't hesitate to let us know. Our team is ready for you!