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"What could be better than literally connecting people with your work?"

More than 50 years ago, a white homing pigeon crossed paths with German, 20-year-old Roland. The dove carried a small, transparent bag containing two breathtakingly beautiful rings of real gold. Roland had never seen such a beautiful jewel before, and he soon came to a painful conclusion: with his job as an interior designer, he would never earn enough to give his sweetheart something so special. This new insight, together with the passion he felt for his first love, drove Roland Rauschmayer to set up his own wedding ring factory in 1963. It grew into one of the best known names in the European wedding ring industry.

Love, happiness, loyalty…

Each ring has two lucky doves engraved into the ring, representing love, happiness, loyalty, peace and well-being. The wedding rings are made with great attention to detail in the Rauschmayer house in Pforzheim. And even as the technology age has made its way into modern manufacturing, much is still done by hand as it was hundreds of years ago - and that's a good thing! Because no device or machine, no matter how specialized and technical, can do what skilled hands can do: give the rings an individual soul.

Responsible production

Roland Rauschmayer GmbH & Co. KG is one of the founders of the "Initiative of German Wedding Ring Manufacturers", which stands for wedding ring production that takes place 100% in Germany. In this way, they guarantee the high-quality production of wedding rings in Germany, the use of raw materials of conflict-free origin and the safeguarding of jobs and training places in Germany.

Two real stores

Large collection of wedding rings

More than 120 years of experience

Lotte & Timon

For both the Engagement ring and the wedding rings, we received very good, professional, friendly and helpful assistance from Brunott. From the first contact via the chat on the website to the personal and exceptionally good service of Amber in Rotterdam. We would absolutely recommend Brunott for engagement rings and wedding bands. From start to finish a jeweler who understands what service really should be like.