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    Dive watches

    Equipped with backlit time display, reliable depth gauges, pressure sensors, and an impressive depth range, a dive watch is the ultimate gadget for guys who like to take a leap of faith . There are several diving watches in our range that you can choose from. You can choose a number of classics, but you can also look at the latest models. The latest models often have even better features that you can use while diving.

    The characteristics of a diving watch

    There are a number of characteristics by which you can recognize a diving watch. A number of standard features that every diving watch has and a number of extras. We list them below :

    water resistance

    The most important feature of a diving watch is that it is waterproof and can withstand high water pressure. Do you want to wear the watch every day and don't want to swim or dive with it? Then a normal watch with low water resistance is sufficient. Do you want to swim and dive with the watch? Then it is important that you look at the number of meters. For example, a 5 ATM dive watch is not enough for the beach and a swimming pool.


    The functions of a diving watch are constantly expanding. Nowadays you can make it as crazy as you want! Let's list some functions that fall under the standard functions of a dive watch:

    • Stopwatch;
    • Date and calendar function;
    • water sensor;
    • Dive time meter: some dive watches also have an alarm function;
    • depth sounder;
    • Charging function;
    • Decompression alarm.

    The above functions are functions that almost every dive watch has. Are you planning to do a lot of diving on vacation? Then of course you are looking for a diving watch with extra functions. What features do you really need in this case? Keeping track of dive time is crucial here.

    Analog or digital

    There are two types of dive watches: analog and digital dive watches. Analog dive watches generally have fewer functions that you can use than a digital dive watch. There are still a few minor differences. For example, are you going to use the dive watch for information during the dive? Then you better opt for a digital diving watch that offers functionalities such as a depth gauge.

    The material of an analog and a digital dive watch can also differ. For example, diving watches, which allow you to dive deeper and therefore have to withstand greater pressure, are often thicker and made of heavier material. Not going to dive with the watch? Then an analog diving watch made of lighter material is sufficient. You will probably wear this watch every day and wearing a heavy watch does not feel nice.

    Dials can also differ on diving watches. For example, the dials of a diving watch, with which you can dive long and deep, are often brightly colored. Think yellow or orange. These colors are clearly visible under water, but otherwise not necessary if you do not dive deep and long.

    Buy diving watch at Brunott

    From entry-level model to very advanced diving watch: Brunott has a fantastic watch available for every diver. Do you have questions or do you want information about a brand or model? Please feel free to contact us. You can also come by for a cup of coffee in our stores. Take a dive into our extensive collection of diving watches here!


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