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13 products

Buddha to Buddha Oorbellen - Brunott Juwelier

Buddha to Buddha earrings

Buddha to Buddha is much more than a jewelry brand. They are not known as the 'Buddha Way of Life' for nothing. These handmade jewelry fit perfectly into a lifestyle of someone who wants to celebrate life daily and handle setbacks well. With jewelry you show part of your identity. It is more than just an accessory that goes well with an outfit or is suitable for a certain occasion. It is a way of showing the outside world what you stand for and who you are. Jewelry from Buddha to Buddha is very suitable for this.

The origin of Buddha to Buddha earrings

Buddha to Buddha is a brand from Indonesia that has been around for a number of years now. There the earrings are handmade with the best material. The brand is known for seeing the beauty in life and every pair is handmade. Have you achieved something important in your life? Then this is a great way to celebrate and give yourself a gift. Do you know someone else who has achieved something important or is just coming out of a tough period? Even then, a pair of earrings is one of the best gifts you can give. With Buddha to Buddha you give to embrace life, completely. This is what the Buddha to Buddha designer wants to convey in every piece of jewelry.

Buddha to Buddha assortment at Brunott

As most know, the range of Buddha to Buddha is now very large. The range will also continue to grow and we are always looking for beautiful items that can complement the current collections. At Brunott you can choose from various types of earrings from Buddha to Buddha. You can choose earrings from various collections and combine them with each other. You can also make combinations with other jewelry from Buddha to Buddha. This way you make it even more personal!

Buddha to Buddha earrings collections

At Brunott you can choose from various collections of earrings from Buddha to Buddha. Below we share the collections that you can find on the website. Are you unsure whether a new collection will be added or are you unsure whether an older collection is still available? No worries! You can always call us or come by to see what the possibilities are. We try to add all the collections we offer to the website. Below is a list of the Buddha to Buddha earrings collections:

  • Barbaralink
  • Natalie
  • Refined
  • George
  • Chain
  • Katya
  • Ellen
  • Ben

As you can see, at Buddha to Buddha you can mainly choose from 925 sterling silver material. A few collections, such as the George, Katja and Ben collection, also offer yellow gold as a color. Buddha to Buddha is known for its 925 sterling silver jewellery, but the demand for yellow gold is also increasing. You can of course also combine yellow gold with the classic silver, chain earrings. These are one of the most famous Buddha to Buddha earrings that are still a favorite for many!

Buy Buddha to Buddha at Brunott

Are you curious about the collection of earrings that Brunott offers or would you like more information about ordering and collecting jewelery at Brunott? Then feel free to contact us! You can ask all your questions via the chat on the website, but you can also call or send an e-mail. It has recently become possible to visit one of our locations by appointment. During the appointment, discuss exactly what you are looking for and what we can offer you. Will you join the world of Buddha to Buddha?


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