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Buddha to Buddha armbanden - Brunott Juwelier

Buddha to buddha bracelet

Are you buying a Buddha to Buddha bracelet for the first time or are you looking for a new one? Then you've come to the right place! Brunott has a wide range to choose from. The Buddha to Buddha bracelets are not only a beautiful and special accessory around your wrist, but it is also a beautiful item that is known for always celebrating life!

The story of Buddha to Buddha bracelets

Buddha to Buddha bracelets are handmade and a unique way of braiding has been chosen for each collection. Besides the beautiful story behind making the bracelets and the unique collections, they are also very trendy bracelets. You can easily combine these bracelets with other accessories and they suit every outfit and occasion.

Combining Buddha to Buddha bracelets

It is also possible to combine Buddha to Buddha bracelets. For example, you can opt for a somewhat thicker bracelet on one wrist and you can stack thinner bracelets on the other wrist. For example, you can choose the classic Buddha to Buddha bracelet Ben in combination with the Buddha to Buddha bracelet Refined Katja Bangle.

Buddha to Buddha kinds of bracelets

All bracelets from Buddha to Buddha are unisex, but we do see that certain bracelets are a favorite with women. For example, the somewhat thinner bracelets, such as the Katja and Ellen collection, are more popular with ladies. We see the thicker Chain bracelets a lot with men. Nevertheless, it is certainly possible to combine these bracelets and we see them often enough in ladies and gentlemen.

925 sterling silver

Almost every Buddha to Buddha bracelet is made of the highest quality silver, namely 925 sterling silver. These are the best known and most popular bracelets from Buddha to Buddha.

Bangle bracelets

In addition to the well-known silver bracelets, we see that the bangle bracelets are becoming increasingly popular. Another name is also called a slave bracelet and can be found in different colors and structures. Some bangle bracelets have a combination of 925 sterling silver and beads.

Leather bracelets

Leather is also a commonly used material for Buddha to Buddha bracelets. You can choose from black and brown leather and here too you can choose different thicknesses. These leather bracelets are often combined with a silver clasp.

Buddha to Buddha bracelets collections

At Brunott you can choose from various collections from Buddha to Buddha. We try to keep our range as extensive as possible, so that there is something for everyone. If we look at the Buddha to Buddha collections you can choose from the following:

  • Bracelet Natalie
  • Bracelet Katya
  • Bracelet Chain
  • Bracelet Galang
  • Buddha to Buddha Denise
  • Buddha to Buddha Ben
  • Buddha to Buddha Ketut
  • Buddha to Buddha Edwin
  • Buddha to Buddha Barbara

Do you prefer large link bracelets? Then it is best to look at the Chain and Esther collections. Do you prefer simple, fine bracelets? Then the Edwin and Katja collections are the right ones for you.

Buddha to Buddha at Brunott

Are you curious which Buddha to Buddha bracelet suits you? Visit one of our branches! You can make an appointment online and come by so that we can find the perfect bracelet for you together. Do you prefer to order online? This is of course also possible. You can always contact us by phone so that we can help you remotely in choosing a beautiful Buddha to Buddha bracelet. Do you order before 4 p.m.? Then your order will be delivered the next working day. Did you not order the right size? Then you can exchange or return the bracelet within 30 days.


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