Seiko: Astron Solar

Even before the Seiko Astron went on sale in stores, this watch proved to be a huge success. Logical, because with the Astron, Seiko managed to build a number of unique functions into a watch. This success was evident with us as well, the dozen or so Astrons we received last year were mostly sold before they were actually in stores. Today, almost no Seiko Astron can be found in all of the Netherlands.

Except at Brunott's. Two weeks ago we still managed to get our hands on two of these magnificent watches. And rest assured, these are not the least two of them. Although a Seiko Astron is in itself something very special to wear on your wrist, the Limited Edition that is now in our shop certainly is! If you have been looking for this fantastic timepiece for some time, be quick because we only have two.

Technical Specifications:

SEIKO introduced the world's first analog GPS watch in spring 2012: the SEIKO Astron GPS Solar (named after the world's first quartz watch from 1969). The Astron GPS Solar recognizes all 39 official time zones on Earth and can therefore always display exactly the correct local time. The spectacular watch has a micro-GPS receiver that consumes so little power that all functions can function optimally on Seiko Solar technology. Is the SEIKO Astron GPS Solar - equipped with 100 patented inventions - the most intelligent watch ever built? The following specifications apply generally to the Seiko Astron:

Caliber 7X52

  • GPS controlled time, time zone and date adjustment
  • Update time: automatically, 1 x per day if fully charged. Duration: 6 seconds.
  • Update time zone: on demand. Duration: under ideal conditions 30 seconds.
  • Perpetual Calendar to February 2100
  • GPS signal indicator
  • World Time function (all 39 time zones in the world)
  • Daylight Saving Time function
  • Power Saving function
  • In-flight mode (on/off indication)
  • Accuracy: 1 second per 100,000 years (When GPS signal is not received, at temperatures between 5o and 35o C, +/- 15 seconds per month).
  • Water Resistance: 10 bar
  • Magnetic resistance: 4,800 A/m


  • high-intensity titanium with black hard coating and bezel of ceramic (models SAST001 and SAST007)
  • high-intensity titanium with ceramic bezel (models SAST003 and SAST005) stainless steel with ceramic bezel (model SAST009)
  • stainless steel with black hard coating and ceramic bezel (model SAST011) diameter: 47 mm
  • case thickness: 16.5 mm


All energy is supplied by a solar dial. A brilliant piece of engineering that looks like a "regular" dial, but is capable of generating energy from ALL forms of light - from sunlight to bedside lamp - and storing it in the efficient, mercury-free battery


  • high-intensity titanium with black hard coating and safety clasp (models SAST001 and SAST007)
  • high-intensity titanium with safety buckle (models SAST003 and SAST005)
  • extra strong black silicone strap with safety clasp (models SAST009 and SAST011)


Scratch-resistant sapphire glass with Super-Clear Coating. A newly developed anti-reflection coating applied to both sides of the glass. It prevents 99% of light reflections and makes the dial easy to read even in bright light.